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The Bishop is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, educated in the Philadelphia Public School System. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Howard University. Bishop Ellis received his Master’s in Religious Education from Nazarene Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Ecclesiology and Episcopacy from Stafford University in London, England.

The bishop received his Ordination at the hands of (the Late) Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr. in 1963 and was elevated to the Episcopacy in 1970 at the hands of (the Late) Bishop Brumfield Johnson at Boston, Massachusetts.

Having founded the Joint College of Pentecostal Bishops, Bishop Ellis was elected (unanimously) by the Joint College in session in 2006 at Cleveland, Ohio with Two-hundred Bishops casting a ballot and endorsing the Patent for the bishop’s Archiepiscopacy.


Bishop Ellis has served the Christian Faith in Ministry for more than Sixty-one years as a student, seminarian, teacher, pastor, professor and, now, as Patriarch for more than twenty-million Pentecostals throughout the world. The bishop served our Military Community as National Chief of Chaplains for the United States Air Force Auxiliary in the Grade of Colonel, until his retirement in 2014.

Bishop Ellis has authored several books and pamphlets on Worship, Church Order, Constitutions, and Sermons from the Pentecostal Pulpit.

Bishop Ellis is pastor for the Pentecostal Church of Christ in University Circle in Cleveland. He is married to the Reverend Dr. Sabrina Joyce Ellis who shares the pastorate with him. He is father to six; grandfather to twenty-seven; and, great-grandfather to three (one

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