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Why The Insignia

From Ancient times until now, Coats of Arms were always the signature and calling card of Lords, Barons, Kings, Princes, and Primates of The Church. Often, Coats of Arms were all that was necessary for identifying the sender of a communiqué or edicts which eliminated the need for written signatures. For example, as soon as one sees the world-famous stars and stripes, one knows immediately that the stripes represented the father of our Republic, George Washington; because the red and white stripes were taken from his family crest in England. While Betsy Ross, in Philadelphia, added the thirteen stars to identify the thirteen colonies that would become the original states. In England today, when one sees the banners or Insignia of Her Majesty, you see the rampant lion with The Crown; no one else is authorized to use that symbol but Her Majesty and her household. Travel to Rome Italy and cross the Tiber; one begins to see the Triple Tiara with the crossed silver and gold keys, one should know immediately it's the emblem which heralds the presence of His Holiness, the Bishop of Rome and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Bishops in the Lord's Church are the inherent Princes of a Kingdom, which has no end. The Bishops are the representatives of The King of Kings and Lord of Lords and in the Earth we have the right to identify ourselves as legates of our Sovereign. Hence, lower-house Prelates (Overseers) and dually ordained preists (elders) have the same ordination right, but in each case these emblems must be carefully researched and assigned to applicants. One should never presume to create one's own arms without consultation and in our Covenant one waits to receive "Grant of Right" from Us, The Metropolitan Archbishop for The Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops. To do otherwise, is to render oneself among the illigitimates.

"...And that ye walk by the same rule and mind the same things" - Phillipians 3:16


The Pricing Package Includes:

The Coat of Arms - which is the full Seal with the Vesca

The Seal - A copy of the Coat of Arms without the Vesca (so that you can create patches and emblems for giving gifts to those who serve with you in ministry). 

The Legend - which gives meanings to the symbols within your Coat of Arms

The Certificate - which legitimizes the Coat of Arms and designates it for your use for as long as you live (and even to your successors with modifications).

Cost: $900 (please be sure to review Terms of Service before submitting this application)

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