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The Official Book of Tributes Resolutions & Condolences can be viewed and downloaded here.

Bishop Charles E. Blake Tribute
Bishop Neil C. Ellis Tribute
Bishop Carlton Pearson Tribute
Dr. R.A. Vernon Tribute

Additional Tributes (Hard Copies)

  • Mayor Frank G. Jackson 

  • Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge

  • Earl B Turner - Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts 

  • Ohio State Senator Sandra Williams 

  • Bishop Charles E. & Lady Mae Blake - Church of God in Christ International Headquarters 

  • Rev Robert Dean, TH., DD - New Life Church of God in Christ 

  • Bishop Leon J. Wilson - Rehoboth Temple of Praise 

  • Rev. Jimmy L. Gates Sr. - Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church 

  • Bishop Liston Page Sr. - Greater Highway Deliverance Ministries, Inc 

  • Rev Gloria Chaney -  Church of the Master 

  • Elder Ray H. Robinson Jr. - Living Word Church 

  • Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Conner Sr. - New Beginnings Sanctuary of Praise COGIC 

  • Bishop C. Wayne Brantley - Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ 

  • Pastor Jathan K. Austin - The Bethel Empowerment Church 

  • Caldwell & Satchell Families - The Late Bishop Ruth E. Satchell Family 

  • The Reverend Terence Priester - Embracing Word Church

  • Bishop Roger H. Phillips - the new covenant Apostolic Order 

  • Supt. Ross Johnson - Bethel Church of God in Christ 

  • Bishop Walter S. Thomas Sr. - Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors

  • Rev. Dr. Stephen Rowan - Bethany Baptist Church 

  • Pastor Martine Lastery & The Cuyahoga Faith Center Family 

  • Overseer Ronald Isaac Hubbard - The Commune a 4 Real Empowerment Center 

  • Bishop Donald Hilliard - Cathedral International

  • Bishop Durant K. Harvin III - the Greater Immanuel Faith Temple  

  • Superintendent Ross Johnson and the Greater Mahoning Valley District of COGIC 

  • Pastor Donnell & 1st Lady Sharon Clark 1 Destiny Connection Ministry 

  • Bishop Edward T. Cook - Ohio North First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

  • Bishop Edward T. Cool - New Life Church of God in Christ 

  • Dr. R.A. Vernon - The Word Church 

  • Elder Joel C. James - James Temple Transformation Ministries  

  • Bishop Titus B. Deas Jr. - First Borj Church of the Living God, Inc 

  • Pastor Tracey D. Galton - Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. 

  • Superintendent Louis Blevins Jr. - Latter Rain Church of God in Christ 

  • Pastor Kevin M. Carson Sr. - New Beginnings Outreach Ministries 

  • Rodney Maiden - Providence Baptist Church

  • Reverend Caleb James Clinkscales, Jr. - Crown of Life Ministries COGIC

  • Dale Edwards (Editor) - Call and Post Newspaper 

  • Dale Edwards (CEO & President) - WABQ Radio 

  • Bishop Lincoln C. Haughton, III - Cleveland Church of Christ 

  • Elder Terrance Michael Curtain Jr. - Generation Church 

  • The Most Reverend David M. Copeland & The Reverend Dr. Claudette A. Copeland - New Creation Christian Fellowship 

  • The Most Reverend David M. Copeland - Kingdom Council of Interdependent Christian Churches and Ministries 

  • Bishop Kevin C. Bishop - Office if the Adjutant General Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. 

  • Archbishop Anthony W. Slater - Tehillah Church Ministries 

  • Apostle E. L. Moton- Anointed Word Assemblies & Pentecostal Churches of God 

  • Bishop Lyle Dukes - Harvest Life Church

  • Bishop Harry L. Cohen - United Holy Church of America, Inc. 

  • Bishop Joseph P. Bowens - Lion of the Tribe of Judah Community Tabernacle 

  • Overseer Antoine O. McClurkin - First Christian Community at the Cathedral 

  • Rev. Anthony L. Small Sr. - Starlight Missionary Baptist Church 

  • Pastor Darrell W. Blair - New Breed Christian Center 

  • Superintendent Michael Golden, Jr. - Church of God in Christ, Inc. International Men’s Department 

  • Bishop Darrell L. Hines Sr. - Illinois Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction 

  • Bishop Joel Fitzgerald Adams - L.I.F.E International Fellowship of Churches

  • Bishop Timothy Clarke - First Church of God 

  • The Very Reverend DeBora A. Crowe - Pilgrim Church 

  • Bishop Claude Richard Alexander, Jr. - The Park Church 

  • Pastor Emerita Valerie Bennett & Pastor Steven Bennett Jr. - House of Prayer & Praise  

  • Bishop Melvin Williams Jr. - Temple of Judah Ministries 

  • Bishop Carl H. Scott, D.D. - The Bible Tabernacle Christian Center 

  • Stephen Fendler (President) - CM ALMY

  • Pastor Clifford and Renee Burns - Anointed Gates Ministries 

  • Pastor John Dunn Jr. - Garden of Prayer COGIC

  • Bishop Lloyd Tyrell Alston - Covenant Kingdom Fellowship Network

  • Pastor Wanda J. Hill-Chestnut - St. Luke overcoming Apostolic church of Jesus

  • Rev. Dr. D. Anthony Everett - Church In The Circle - University Circle United Methodist Church 

  • Rev. Brian A. Cash - east mount zion Baptist church 

  • Reverend Dr. Curtis E. Daniel - Macedonia Church of God in Christ 

  • Bishop Robert G. Moore Jr. - New Vision New Day Ministry 

  • Apostle George Sims Jr. & The Officers and Members of InspirationalChurch of God Ministries International 

  • Reverend Jawanza K. Colvin - Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

  • John W. Ribbins - Calvary Hill Missionary Baptist Church 

  • Gregory E. Jordan & FL Karin A. Jordan - Calvary COGIC

  • Mother Thelma Giles-Butts - Department of Women - The Ohio North  First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction COGIC 

  • Archbishop Ezekiel Williams - Hampton Roads Ecumenical Council of Bishops 

  • Apostle Wayne T. & Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson - Impact Network 

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