Grace and Peace!


Allow me to begin this missive with gratitude for your continued support and love for the ministry of servitude.  Thank you for your prayers and words of comfort during this season of loss.  And for those of you who made the sacrifice to travel to Cleveland for my husband’s homegoing celebration, I will never be able to say enough or do enough to express my appreciation!  My prayer is that God will reward you for your faithfulness and grant you perfect peace in the days ahead.


As you know, Bishop J. Delano Ellis’ passing has left a large empty space in the Body of Christ, but more particularly in the Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops.  As difficult as it may be to move forward without him, I have no doubt that is what he would want for all of us.  By now, you also know that preparation is being made for a 2021 Virtual Conference, due to our concerns surrounding COVID19.  Obviously, there was no mention of the Adjutant’s Academy, but it was certainly not intended to disregard this area of ministry.  Instead, it afforded me the opportunity to address you personally.


Over 20 years ago, J. Delano Ellis Ministries was established for the purpose of teaching and training those who were intentional about their acts of service in The Body of Christ.  The first priority for Bishop Ellis was to establish the Adjutants’ Academy.  He and the late Bishop Walter Bogan, of The Church Of God In Christ, held that first session here in Cleveland, Ohio.  The interest in the Academy continued to grow, and Bishop made the decision to bring the Academy to The College of Bishops, for the convenience of Bishops and their Adjutants attending together.  This collaboration has been phenomenal and continued to grow each year, with Bishop Ellis keeping his finger on the pulse of the ministry closest to his heart. It is the history of the Adjutancy and my sensitivity to the heart of those who serve leadership that moves me to assure you that the Adjutant’s Academy will also meet virtually March 16-19, 2021.  I know that you have been waiting, but we wanted to be sure of the direction of the College prior to any communication.

Since I know the matter of virtual versus on-site has been a matter of concern for many, let me rush ahead to provide you with some of the details.  All registrants will receive registration packets prior to the March conference. 

Those who have not completed the full 2020 registration commitment by February 1, will receive the 2021 Virtual Conference packet.  Register below,, or you can mail your registration to: J. Delano Ellis Ministries, c/o Pentecostal Church of Christ, 10515 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106.


Thank you for your patience and your support. Get ready to join us virtually!  It’s going to bless your life!



Dr. Sabrina J. Ellis

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